First General Lee, LEE1, Is Up For Auction

The General Lee, designated by Warner Brothers as LEE1, is the car that performed the first jump in the Dukes of Hazzard episode "One Armed Bandits". LEE1 is widely regarded as the first General Lee, though whether it was the first General Lee built is up for debate. The car has been restored and is up for auction at Barrett-Jackson this week. It's slated for sale on January 21st in Scottsdale, AZ. This car also appeared in a later episode, "Repo Men", as a wrecked stock car and it is in this condition, in its bluish-green paint, that the car was left in a junkyard in Georgia when filming of the series moved to California.

LEE1 was eventually re-discovered in the late 90's. It was purchased for $400 and the way in which it was purchased and restored is something of a controversy. The new owner, after touring it at various events for a while, sold the car as-is on eBay for $20,000. We don't know how many times the car changed hands since then, though it seems to be at least twice. The car has been restored by the current owner, but questions surround how much of the car is actually original. Even so, the car will most likely demand a high price at auction simply due to the fact that it is considered the first General Lee.

Check out this General Lee for sale at the Barrett-Jackson site.