Former “Jalen Rose” General Lee is For Sale!

Retired NBA star Jalen Rose once had an authentic, studio-owned General Lee. After purchasing it in 1999, he made a few cosmetic changes...such as removing the flag from the roof, removing the "General Lee" lettering from the roof, and removing the "01" from the doors.  He put his General up for auction in the spring of 2011 to raise funds for his charity. After initially lacking buyer interest, the car was auctioned twice. The final sale price was reportedly $100,000.

Now this General Lee is for sale again, and this time the star car is in proper attire. CNC Motors has it on ebay for a buy-it-now price of $69,999. This 1969 Dodge Charger has been autographed by Jalen Rose and John "Bo Duke" Schneider.

There are some bragging rights with General Lees previously owned by Warner Bros, with purists arguing about those that were screen-used vs. merely created but never placed before cameras. Pecking order in the car circles can get pretty involved, but having a General that was also celebrity-owned should put you up a notch.  (Always do your homework on the title history.)

That said, you will have to replace the wheels to complete the uniform on this General. Whatever is on this car now will not pass muster; you'll need a nice set of Vector wheels for an authentic look.  See the ebay listing for more photos and info.