General Lee Replica For Sale, Texas Chick Magnet

Ladies love the General Lee! This 1969 Dodge Charger has almost everything you could want; a rebuilt 440 Magnum, rebuilt 727 transmission, and a Holly 750 double-pumper. With plenty of muscle and flashy chrome, this General Lee replica has already been a crowd-pleaser at car shows, fundraisers and Hooter's parking lots in Texas.

This replica also features the crossed flag design above the trunk lid, which is a hallmark from the first Dukes of Hazzard episode, "One Armed Bandits."  (Later episodes omitted this detail from the General's uniform, for reasons unknown.)  The tan interior is well-appointed, but there is no roll cage. 

Purists in the General Lee replica circles will find fault with the wheels on this car. They are not (gasp!) Vector wheels. But the chrome wheels have not stopped this General from pulling in trophies at car shows.  The seller discloses that this isn't a 10-point show car, but it will do well enough for local gigs and "people's choice" awards.  Plus, it attracts women. You may have to push them back with a broom.  Maybe it's all that bling with the chrome.

There is no push bar on the front and no CB antenna, but this is such a  nice-looking Charger that you could go either way with it.  Add the finishing touches to make it a fully-uniformed replica General Lee, or enjoy it as-is. 

The current bids on ebay are around $24,000 but the reserve has not been met. We're guessing that the seller is trying to get $30,000 and may settle for something around $28k.  This is not a numbers-matching car, but nor is it a '68 or '70 that has been retrofitted to look like a 1969 Charger. For that reason, we give it a nod for a better price than the "Vance General Lee" replica that went for about $25,000. The reason we don't rank it higher, is the paint color, from what we can tell in photos, is more of yellow-orange than the reddish-orange demanded by replica purists. It may not matter to you unless you're parked next to a dozen other General Lee replicas.