General Lee Replica For Sale, Under 30 Grand

This Northern General Lee is a 1970 Dodge Charger that has been modified to appear as a 1969 model. This is not a numbers-matching car, though it does boast a 440 motor with a rebuilt 727 transmission. It's being offered on ebay with a required starting bid of $29,500. As of press time there were no active bids.

There's no back seat in this Charger, but there is a welded 4-point roll cage. This General appears to have a complete uniform, save for the taillights. It lacks the black trim around them. However, one of the Dukes of Hazzard reunion movies featured a General Lee with this same missing detail, so you can talk your way around it, or complete this item yourself.

Is this General overpriced for a replica? Maybe a little, but the motor could make this car worth a look. The latest General Lee replica we've seen in this price range is the "Vance Duke General Lee" which was last advertised at $27,500.