General Lee For Sale News!

General Lees are for sale all around the country. Some are selling, some aren't! Here's the latest news to help you find the right 1969 Dodge Charger General Lee, at the right price!

The "Vance Duke" General Lee replica, which is a 1968 Dodge Charger that was retrofitted to appear as a 1969 model, sold for $25,100.00.  The original  sales price was $40,000, but was sharply reduced after "LEE 1" sold for a disappointing $110,000 at the Barrett-Jackson auction. 

Meanwhile, a General Lee that is claimed to have studio lineage, but without paperwork to prove it, sold in New Zealand for $65,300.  The seller ended up doing better than the asking price of $55,000, but foreign markets are their own ballgame. For this reason the New Zealand General Lee should not influence General Lee sales prices in the United States.

The "Jalen Rose" General Lee, which reportedly has a history traceable to Warner Bros. studios, remains for sale at $69,999

The "Coy Duke" General Lee replica remains for sale, at an adjusted price of $145,000.  While the history of cast member ownership adds a degree of value, the replica market is not strong at present.  Using the Jalen Rose General Lee as a comparable, the Coy Duke General Lee replica should be in the neighborhood of $40,000 to $60,000.  Just our opinion; ultimately the car is worth what a buyer is willing to pay.

Another General Lee replica in New York state lingers for sale at $29,500, with no bids.  The "Texas Chick Magnet" also remains for sale, with the active bid just under $27,000, with the reserve not met.

Lastly, we have a bargain basement special! This Indiana General Lee is for sale at a mere $22,000. This is a replica with very little information supplied by the seller on ebay. The lack of mechanical detail, combined with the low price, and the blatantly sleazy photo, makes us wonder what isn't being said. 

But the price is so low, it may be worth a road trip and an inspection to check it out. At the least, the price on this General Lee replica can be used for haggling purposes if you're looking at another one.  The current market is definitely "soft", regardless of what the photo does for you.

Have you recently bought or sold a General Lee? Do you have a General Lee for sale? Contact us, we'd love to hear about it!

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  1. DRGNLDY35

    The general that sold in N.Z Is reportedly a replica with black?????? upholstery.I thought the original cars had a creamy upholstery Am I right???