1970 General Lee in White Plains, NY

This 1970 Dodge Charger has been transformed into a 1969 General Lee. It boasts a 440CID engine that was totally rebuilt 3 years ago and has very low miles. The flag, lettering, and numbers are all painted on and are not decals. This General Lee's body is solid with no scratches or dents. It's not a "bondo buggy". There are dozens of photos documenting every inch of this General. If you're near White Plains, NY and are seriously interested in owning it, stop by in person to take a look. Check out the listing for details.

General Lee For Sale And A Whole Lot More!

Have you ever wanted to own all the vehicles on the Dukes of Hazzard, but didn't want to spend your time building them yourself? Then you're in luck! A Dukes fan in Florida is selling his Dukes of Hazzard car collection that consists of a General Lee, Rosco's yellow sheriff's car from Ten Million Dollar Sheriff (this one's a '79 Bentley, but the one on the show is a Rolls Royce), Daisy's Jeep, Rosco's patrol car, Cooter's Tow Truck, Boss Hogg's Cadillac, Hughie's convertible VW bug, and a 1973 tow truck from the Dukes of Hazzard movie. I think all that's missing to have a complete collection is Daisy's Roadrunner, and Uncle Jesse's truck. Current bid as of this posting is slightly over $41,000, with a Buy It Now price of $85,000. Check out the listing for more information.

’68 General Lee Replica and Patrol Car For Sale!

You've heard the expression, "go chase yourself"....well, now you can do it, with this full-size Dukes of Hazzard play set! Being sold together is a 1968 Dodge Charger General Lee replica and a 1977 Plymouth Fury! The fun doesn't stop when you own both of these cars, as long as you have gas money!

About the Charger: the seller says the body needs work, but the car runs well, and has a rebuilt 440 motor. Though the photos don't look too bad, the seller says that "all the sheet metal needs to be replaced."  That may be true, but if you want a ready-to-roll General Lee replica, you could have a lot of fun with this car as-is. It has also been autographed by John Schneider.

The Plymouth Fury is a rust-free AZ car and appears to be in good working order. We remind you that impersonating an officer is a criminal offense, which can make this car a little more tricky to own. Still, owning this along with the General Lee replica makes you ready for parades, Dukes of Hazzard events, filming your own Dukes episodes, or putting on your own stunt show.  The possibilities are endless. (disclaimer: we're not seriously suggesting you put on your own stunt show. Tempting as it might be.)

The seller's motive? "Wants one nice car instead of two."  Personally we think it's a shame that he doesn't enjoy these fun cars anymore, but it gives somebody else a chance to own them.  Look at the details on ebay, and if you have the means, make a bid!

Veluzat General Lee For Sale

Veluzat General Lee

This General Lee was created by the famous Veluzat Brothers using parts from the cars used in the original television show. It comes with a certificate of authenticity and the original California title in Daniel Veluzat's name. This General Lee was bought in 2006 from the Volo Auto  Museum. Catherine Bach (Daisy Duke) has autographed the right front fender, which has been clearcoated to protect the signature. The car is currently in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The listing documents all the flaws in detail, both in writing and in photos. As of this writing, there are 3 days left in the auction. There have been no bids at the starting price of $79,999.

Here are some of the car's features and options: Mopar Performance 360ci crate engine (original #s matching  engine available with purchase), Magnum aluminum heads, M1 intake, Holley 750VAC carburetor, Chrome accessories (A/C compressor, alternator, pulleys), Aluminum radiator with dual electric fans, Vintage air conditioning (present, but non-functioning), MSD 6A ignition, Dixie air horn, Chrome step headers, Custom push bar, Western turbine wheels, 904 3-speed automatic transmission, Mopar performance deep pan, 8.75 rear, 489 case, XHD rear springs, Dual Flowmaster exhaust, Bucket seats, Console, AM/FM/CD player, Roll-over bar, General Lee graphics package, Power steering, Manual brakes, Power antenna, CB radio, Hood mounted turn signals, Gauges currently in-operable (we can provide you with a quote  on making them operable), Mini-starter, Aftermarket ignition switch.

If you've got the money, make a bid on this General Lee for sale today.


This General Lee Replica is a Massachusetts Muscle Car!

General Lee replica with 440 motor

There's nothing more satisfying than the deep growl of a 440 motor from a 1969 Dodge Charger, especially if you own it! And here's a great chance to get a General Lee replica at a reasonable price. This General Lee is for sale in Wakefield, MA, with a target price of $20,900.

The seller didn't go overboard in listing details on ebay, but claims that restoration was performed "from the ground up" and that "everything is new." Naturally, that makes us cautious. Still, '69 Dodge Chargers aren't growing on trees and this muscle machine is worth a closer look.

Currently there are 12 bids on this General Lee, with a high bid of $17,325 as of press time. The seller has 100% positive feedback, which is a good sign. We've seen General Lee replicas with smaller motors go for more money, so make a bid if this is the Charger you've been looking for!

General Lee Stunt Car #51 For Sale!

Stunt General Lee #51, Dukes of Hazzard movie 2005

Update: This General Lee is back up for auction!

Here's a rare one:  a surviving stunt-jump General Lee from the 2005 Dukes of Hazzard movie! This battle-tested General has no backseat, no passenger seat, and lacks some of the pretty details you'll find on replicas.

Instead, it has a full interior cage, a 440 motor, and doors that are welded shut. This car is all business and has plenty of bad attitude.

This ain't your Sunday-drive or show car General Lee. This is a flying machine that jumped 100 feet in the Dukes of Hazzard movie, and survived well enough to be straightened out and made road-worthy. This car has been featured in the Mopar Collector's Guide as well as Hot Rod Magazine. This is a General Lee that gives you some bragging rights with ownership.

This piece of silver-screen history has no title.  Bill of sale only. Per the seller, Warner Bros. removed the VIN plate from the dash, but it's still visible on the radiator support.

The seller claims this General Lee is street legal and wears current state tags, but you may want to check your own state's registration guidelines.

Seller claims that authenticity is documented. If you want a General Lee that stands out from the crowd, this one's worth checking out! Look at the details on the ebay listing and contact the seller if you have questions. Oh, and get yourself a helmet, just in case you're tempted to take a flight. As of press time, bids were running around $11,000 and reserve was not met.  A buy-it-now price of $25,00o is shown.

This General Lee Replica is a Bay City Roller

Hands down, this is one of the best General Lee replicas we've ever seen for the money. Located in Bay City, MI, this 1969 Dodge Charger has been painstakingly painted and polished, with 7 coats added to the uniform. But that's not to hide anything - this car is solid. To keep it that way, the underbody, wheel wells, frame, interior fenders and quarter panels were coated with 3M Body Shultz.

The motor is a stock 383 but with electronic ignition. It has the essential 727 tranny.  The interior has a bolted rollbar that can be removed.  But why would you want to do that, when such faithful attention has been paid to the interior details?

The completely restored console, with handsome woodgrain and chrome, complements the saddle-tan color of the seats and carpeting. For you Duke-detail purists, It has a Cobra Night Watch CB, a dixie horn, and hell yes, American Racing vector wheels. New Firestone tires, too, so feel free to burn some rubber after your purchase.

This seller has put a ton of work into the car and has accurately replicated the General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard. What's more, he took the time to list exactly what he did, in more detail than any other sales listing we've seen.  We can't begin to repeat it all here. We can only tell you, that as longtime watchers of General Lee sales, we're impressed! It's currently listed on ebay with the last bid at $18,100. If there's a reserve, it's not declared. There have been 26 bids with 5 days remaining, as of press time.  Check it out!

Two General Lees For Sale

General Lee in White Plains, NY

There are currently two General Lees for sale right now. The first is a 1970 Dodge Charger transformed into a 1969 General Lee. It's located in White Plains, NY and boasts a 440 CID engine and 727 transmission. Current bid is $28,000 and reserve has not been met. Buy It Now price is $39,995.

The second General Lee is for sale in Clarkson, KY. The asking price is $68,900 and has been appraised at $75,000. It also has a 440 engine, 727 auto transmission, and new A/C. Check out the listing for more details on the car. Update: The Clarkson, KY General Lee has been sold.

1968 NC General Lee Still For Sale

About a month ago, we highlighted a North Carolina General Lee for sale. Well, it's back up for sale with a starting bid of $20,000 and no reserve. You can read about it by clicking here or go straight to the listing for even more detail. The owner has made a great effort to detail all the work done on it and all the imperfections so you know exactly what you're getting.

The owner is requesting serious bidders only.

The General Vee Is For Sale

A good '69 Dodge Charger can be hard to get your hands on for a decent price. So, fans of the Dukes of Hazzard get a little creative now and then. This here is the General Vee, a 2000 VW Beetle wearing a General Lee uniform. It's currently for sale in Yakima, WA and is listed on Craigslist.

Some of the features include:

  • Automatic Transmission
  • 4 cylinder
  • 141,000 miles
  • Power Moon Roof
  • Leather Seats
  • CD/Stereo
  • Power Windows and Door Locks
  • Side Curtain Airbags

If you're in the Yakima area and you're looking for a General Lee Wannabee, check this little Beetle out. The owner is asking $4,000.