1968 General Lee For Sale in North Carolina

This 1968 General Lee replica is in Zebulon, NC. Starting bid is $15,000 and reserve has not yet been met. The current owner reports that previous owners did restorations in the 90's and 2000's. The car is painted Chevy Hugger orange and has an authentic dixie horn. The interior was painted to match a sample taken from one of the original show used General Lees owned by Wayne Wooten, head of the Dodge Charger Registry. The General Lee decals used on the car were purchased from a company with stencils from the Warner Bros. show crew. It has American Racing 14" vector wheels, which are originals, not reproductions. The engine is a mid-70’s Chrysler big block 400 and it has a Torqueflight 727 automatic transmission. There are some imperfections, of course, which is to be expected for a 40+ year old car. Check out the listing for a rundown on those, to ask the owner some questions, and to check out the photos.

General Lee Stunt Car For Sale

This General Lee for sale is claimed to be a stunt car from the television series. However, while this is claimed by the owner, if you are interested in this car, do your due diligence and request proof before purchase. The car is not currently street legal, so work will have to be done on it to make it so.

The listing states there is very little interior, no rear seat. It has a full cage for stunts. The listing further states that damage seen is from the jumps the car has performed. There is no gauge cluster (only an oil gauge), the tires are fairly new, and there is some rust in the lower left quarter, valance, and floorboard around driver's seat.

Trades for another tv/movie car or a police package Dodge Charger/Crown Victoria will be considered.

General Lee For Sale in Maryland

This General Lee for sale is in Baltimore, MD. The engine is a 318 (automatic transmission), which the owner says is surprisingly powerful and sounds amazing. Also according to the owner, the body is solid with no rust issues. There is a detailed description at the listing, including specs, work done on the car, work left to go, and minor flaws. There are also plenty of pictures detailing the state of this General Lee, however, the owner encourages anyone interested who can stop by in person to do so.

Two General Lees Back For Sale on eBay

Update: We first reported the former Jalen Rose General Lee for sale back in January. Well, it's on eBay again, apparently not having sold yet. They're asking $69,999. The car is currently at CNC Motors, Inc in Ontario, California, but if you can't make it there to check out the car in person, there are plenty of photos in the listing.

The Indiana General Lee we first reported here is also back up on ebay. The price has been bumped up to $23,000. So far, there have been no bids with 3 days left to go. This one might be on ebay for a while.

Note: The listing in this post has ended and is an archive only. For current General Lees for sale on eBay, click here.

Cheap General Lee For Sale!

Here it is, the cheapest, yet operational, General Lee replica that we've found so far. This could either be a diamond in the rough or a money pit, but the price is low enough to be worth a look.

Listed with a "Buy it Now" price of $12,999.99 on ebay, this battle-worn General might go for even less. As of press time, there were 14 offers on this car but none of them were accepted by the seller.

This is a 1968 Dodge Charger. The motor is a 383 with a 4-barrel carb. The tranny is a 727.  There has been work done on the car and the ebay listing gives you a laundry list of the good and bad. There's no question that this car needs body work and some mechanical attention, but we've seen worse for the money.

While this General might need more work than some people want to take on, finding any drivable Charger from the 1968 through 1970 model years is getting harder. However, if gas prices keep climbing, we expect more General Lees to appear on the market; especially cars like this, that have been played with, worn out, and now simply cost too much to operate, let alone repair.

Note: The listing in this post has ended and is an archive only. For current General Lees for sale on eBay, click here.

General Lee For Sale News!

General Lees are for sale all around the country. Some are selling, some aren't! Here's the latest news to help you find the right 1969 Dodge Charger General Lee, at the right price!

The "Vance Duke" General Lee replica, which is a 1968 Dodge Charger that was retrofitted to appear as a 1969 model, sold for $25,100.00.  The original  sales price was $40,000, but was sharply reduced after "LEE 1" sold for a disappointing $110,000 at the Barrett-Jackson auction. 

Meanwhile, a General Lee that is claimed to have studio lineage, but without paperwork to prove it, sold in New Zealand for $65,300.  The seller ended up doing better than the asking price of $55,000, but foreign markets are their own ballgame. For this reason the New Zealand General Lee should not influence General Lee sales prices in the United States.

The "Jalen Rose" General Lee, which reportedly has a history traceable to Warner Bros. studios, remains for sale at $69,999

The "Coy Duke" General Lee replica remains for sale, at an adjusted price of $145,000.  While the history of cast member ownership adds a degree of value, the replica market is not strong at present.  Using the Jalen Rose General Lee as a comparable, the Coy Duke General Lee replica should be in the neighborhood of $40,000 to $60,000.  Just our opinion; ultimately the car is worth what a buyer is willing to pay.

Another General Lee replica in New York state lingers for sale at $29,500, with no bids.  The "Texas Chick Magnet" also remains for sale, with the active bid just under $27,000, with the reserve not met.

Lastly, we have a bargain basement special! This Indiana General Lee is for sale at a mere $22,000. This is a replica with very little information supplied by the seller on ebay. The lack of mechanical detail, combined with the low price, and the blatantly sleazy photo, makes us wonder what isn't being said. 

But the price is so low, it may be worth a road trip and an inspection to check it out. At the least, the price on this General Lee replica can be used for haggling purposes if you're looking at another one.  The current market is definitely "soft", regardless of what the photo does for you.

Have you recently bought or sold a General Lee? Do you have a General Lee for sale? Contact us, we'd love to hear about it!

General Lee Replica For Sale, Texas Chick Magnet

Ladies love the General Lee! This 1969 Dodge Charger has almost everything you could want; a rebuilt 440 Magnum, rebuilt 727 transmission, and a Holly 750 double-pumper. With plenty of muscle and flashy chrome, this General Lee replica has already been a crowd-pleaser at car shows, fundraisers and Hooter's parking lots in Texas.

This replica also features the crossed flag design above the trunk lid, which is a hallmark from the first Dukes of Hazzard episode, "One Armed Bandits."  (Later episodes omitted this detail from the General's uniform, for reasons unknown.)  The tan interior is well-appointed, but there is no roll cage. 

Purists in the General Lee replica circles will find fault with the wheels on this car. They are not (gasp!) Vector wheels. But the chrome wheels have not stopped this General from pulling in trophies at car shows.  The seller discloses that this isn't a 10-point show car, but it will do well enough for local gigs and "people's choice" awards.  Plus, it attracts women. You may have to push them back with a broom.  Maybe it's all that bling with the chrome.

There is no push bar on the front and no CB antenna, but this is such a  nice-looking Charger that you could go either way with it.  Add the finishing touches to make it a fully-uniformed replica General Lee, or enjoy it as-is. 

The current bids on ebay are around $24,000 but the reserve has not been met. We're guessing that the seller is trying to get $30,000 and may settle for something around $28k.  This is not a numbers-matching car, but nor is it a '68 or '70 that has been retrofitted to look like a 1969 Charger. For that reason, we give it a nod for a better price than the "Vance General Lee" replica that went for about $25,000. The reason we don't rank it higher, is the paint color, from what we can tell in photos, is more of yellow-orange than the reddish-orange demanded by replica purists. It may not matter to you unless you're parked next to a dozen other General Lee replicas. 

General Lee Replica For Sale, Under 30 Grand

This Northern General Lee is a 1970 Dodge Charger that has been modified to appear as a 1969 model. This is not a numbers-matching car, though it does boast a 440 motor with a rebuilt 727 transmission. It's being offered on ebay with a required starting bid of $29,500. As of press time there were no active bids.

There's no back seat in this Charger, but there is a welded 4-point roll cage. This General appears to have a complete uniform, save for the taillights. It lacks the black trim around them. However, one of the Dukes of Hazzard reunion movies featured a General Lee with this same missing detail, so you can talk your way around it, or complete this item yourself.

Is this General overpriced for a replica? Maybe a little, but the motor could make this car worth a look. The latest General Lee replica we've seen in this price range is the "Vance Duke General Lee" which was last advertised at $27,500.

Former “Jalen Rose” General Lee is For Sale!

Retired NBA star Jalen Rose once had an authentic, studio-owned General Lee. After purchasing it in 1999, he made a few cosmetic changes...such as removing the flag from the roof, removing the "General Lee" lettering from the roof, and removing the "01" from the doors.  He put his General up for auction in the spring of 2011 to raise funds for his charity. After initially lacking buyer interest, the car was auctioned twice. The final sale price was reportedly $100,000.

Now this General Lee is for sale again, and this time the star car is in proper attire. CNC Motors has it on ebay for a buy-it-now price of $69,999. This 1969 Dodge Charger has been autographed by Jalen Rose and John "Bo Duke" Schneider.

There are some bragging rights with General Lees previously owned by Warner Bros, with purists arguing about those that were screen-used vs. merely created but never placed before cameras. Pecking order in the car circles can get pretty involved, but having a General that was also celebrity-owned should put you up a notch.  (Always do your homework on the title history.)

That said, you will have to replace the wheels to complete the uniform on this General. Whatever is on this car now will not pass muster; you'll need a nice set of Vector wheels for an authentic look.  See the ebay listing for more photos and info.

Power Driver “Bubba” Watson Buys LEE 1

Who knew that pro golfer Gerry Watson was such a die-hard Dukes of Hazzard fan? The cat is out of the bag now that Watson is the proud owner of the first screen-jumped General Lee. Watson was the high bidder at last weekend's Barrett-Jackson auction, with the gavel going down on $110,000 for this storied Charger. After commission, Watson paid a total of $121,000.

Being in the top 20 golf pros of the world, Watson can afford darn near anything he wants. His southpaw power delivers ball speeds over 190 miles an hour.  We're hoping he keeps his new aquisition near posted speed limits on the road! Note that we said "near." We're not expecting him to avoid all tickets.

Watson has already said that his General Lee is no garage queen; he's driving it now and he plans to drive it a lot. First, though, he has to finish restoration, as this Charger lacked working seat belts, and does not have working dash gauges. You'd think for 100 grand the basics would be in place.  Still, Watson is not complaining. In his own words, he has his dream car.  Congrats, Bubba!  Hit the Dixie horn for us.