Power Driver “Bubba” Watson Buys LEE 1

Who knew that pro golfer Gerry Watson was such a die-hard Dukes of Hazzard fan? The cat is out of the bag now that Watson is the proud owner of the first screen-jumped General Lee. Watson was the high bidder at last weekend's Barrett-Jackson auction, with the gavel going down on $110,000 for this storied Charger. After commission, Watson paid a total of $121,000.

Being in the top 20 golf pros of the world, Watson can afford darn near anything he wants. His southpaw power delivers ball speeds over 190 miles an hour.  We're hoping he keeps his new aquisition near posted speed limits on the road! Note that we said "near." We're not expecting him to avoid all tickets.

Watson has already said that his General Lee is no garage queen; he's driving it now and he plans to drive it a lot. First, though, he has to finish restoration, as this Charger lacked working seat belts, and does not have working dash gauges. You'd think for 100 grand the basics would be in place.  Still, Watson is not complaining. In his own words, he has his dream car.  Congrats, Bubba!  Hit the Dixie horn for us.