This General Lee Replica is a Massachusetts Muscle Car!

General Lee replica with 440 motor

There's nothing more satisfying than the deep growl of a 440 motor from a 1969 Dodge Charger, especially if you own it! And here's a great chance to get a General Lee replica at a reasonable price. This General Lee is for sale in Wakefield, MA, with a target price of $20,900.

The seller didn't go overboard in listing details on ebay, but claims that restoration was performed "from the ground up" and that "everything is new." Naturally, that makes us cautious. Still, '69 Dodge Chargers aren't growing on trees and this muscle machine is worth a closer look.

Currently there are 12 bids on this General Lee, with a high bid of $17,325 as of press time. The seller has 100% positive feedback, which is a good sign. We've seen General Lee replicas with smaller motors go for more money, so make a bid if this is the Charger you've been looking for!

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  1. sicsupraman

    Hi, we were going to buy this vehicle but as he sent through a false purchase agreement (through private email as opposed to an Ebay one), we knew he was an illegitimate seller… we also google’d him and his details and address were not as stated, and the payment was to be made to a foreign bank account. When we confronted him, he got all defensive and started accusing us… we contacted smithbrothersrestorations (who supposedly built the car) and they said as they charged in excess of $80,000 just to build the car (not including the cost of the car), there is no way the seller is legitimate attempting to sell it at that price. Do not deal with him as he’s a scammer.